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Volcano Accessories

Volcano Flexible Skewer

The Volcano Flexible Skewer are flexible stainless steel skewers that allow you to maximize your cooking space on the Volcano. Each package contains 2-22" Skewers. 
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Volcano Lid

The Volcano Lid traps and circulates heat to make a convection oven out your Volcano. With the Lid, you can Bake just like your oven at home! 
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Propane Attachment Kit Original Stove/Grill

Upgrade your Volcano Grill to propane today. Kit contains burner, cradle, heat deflector plate, connection hose, and regulator. This kit is ONLY for the Volcano Original Grill. 19,500 BTU rating. Do not order this kit for the Volcano Collapsible.
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Propane-Kit-noPlatePropane Attachment Kit - Collapsible

Upgrade your Volcano Grill to propane today! Kit contains burner, cradle, connection hose, and regulator. This kit does NOT include a deflector plate and is ONLY for the collapsible grill. 19,500 BTU rating. Product Details . . .
propane_valve_adaptor_600x600Propane Valve Adapter

Use one-pound portable propane bottles with your Volcano! Adapts the propane connector from a full-size bottle to one-pound bottle. Easy to install, great for anything you might be doing away from a larger propane bottle.
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Middle Grill - Collapsible

This is a grill that is used on the middle rack of the collapsible Volcano. Great for baking with the Lid and two level grilling with Charcoal.

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Volcano Lid Lifter 

Combination lid lifter and holder. Allow you to hang a Dutch Oven lid on the side on your Volcano Grill. Works with the Volcano Original and Collapsible.. Product Details...

leg_extensions_150x150Leg Extensions - Original

20" snap on legs that raise your Volcano to a cooking height of 26" off the ground. For use with the Volcano Original Grill only. THESE LEGS DO NOT FIT THE VOLCANO COLLAPSIBLE GRILL. Product Details...


Replacement Storage Bag - Collapsible

Replacement bag made from the same 500 denier nylon that came with your Volcano and improved zippers.

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Storage_BagStorage Bag - Original

This handy carrying bag makes transportation of your Volcano Original a breeze! It's water-repellent, made of heavy-duty materials, and has enough space to store your various accessories. Product Details...

cookbook-front-shotCook Book & Technical Manual

A must have for all Volcano cookers, this NEW Cookbook & Technical Manual-written by the stoves inventor himself-teaches you how use your Volcano Grill to maximize all of its potential and versatility. Product Details...

Extendable Roasting Sticks

Our heavy duty Roasting Skewers are perfect for roasting marshmallows or cooking hot dogs. Perfectly sized to be used with the notches cut into the top of your Volcano Fire Pit/Grill. Maximize your Fire Pit/Grill with our Roasting Skewers.

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Dutch oven Trivet

Heavy Duty 10" Trivet for use inside pots, pans, or dutch ovens. Elevates food from the heat source and circulates heat around your food for more even cooking.

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Fire Pit Grate non plated
Fire Pit-Grill Charcoal Grate

Over time, your non plated charcoal grate might start to get a little rusty. Replace it with a brand new one for a low cost or, replace it with our nickel plated grill so that you can cook on two levels. .
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Fire Pit Chrome Top Grill

Fire Pit-Grill Chrome Top Grill

If your top nickel plated grill is beginning to look bad, replace it with a new one. Why not order a spare? Use the 2nd one in place of the non plated charcoal grate and cook on two levels!

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Fire Pit-Grill 24" Weather Cover

A heavy duty, weather resistant cover for the Volcano Fire pit-Grill
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Volcano Accessories